7 Tips For Moving On Campus

So you decided to live in one of Eastern Michigan University’s 13 residence halls – from EMU Housing and Residence Life to you, welcome! We are excited to have you living the FULL Eastern experience with us in the beautiful city of Ypsilanti. Going away to college can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Moving away to college is often times trying for a lot of people because packing in itself is stressful. Once you get through the first move of your college career though, you’re golden for the rest of your future moves to our residence halls.

We at Housing and Residence Life want to make things easier for you for when it comes time to start school, so here are 7 tips and tricks to make your life easier when it comes to moving away for college.

1. Make sure you coordinate big purchases with your roommate.

You’ll be able to contact your future roommate a few weeks prior to move-in day, so take this time to talk about who will bring what. Having two mini fridges in your room would take up too much space, so make sure this doesn’t happen by planning ahead with your new roommate.

2. If you can buy it for cheap near campus, don’t pack it.

This means any school supplies, toiletries, and snacks. There are a number of grocery stores close to EMU that make this easy, like Meijer, Target, and Walmart. Save the space your notebooks would take up and use it for something else.

3. Don’t bring your whole wardrobe with you.

Sure, Michigan weather is unpredictable, but you’re not going to need your snow boots the first couple of months after you move in.

4. Invest in a good foam mattress topper.

This will be one of the best purchases of your college career. Foam mattress toppers will not only help you get a better night’s sleep, but it will make naps and Netflix lounging much more enjoyable.

5. Bring at least one business casual outfit with you.

You never know when you might be attending a job interview or need to dress up for a presentation, so it’s a smart idea to have one set aside just in case.

6. Trash bags are your friend.

Bring your clothes to school with you in trash bags so that you’re not hauling around heavy totes on move-in day. Trash bags can easily be thrown away or reused later.

7. Be selective about what extra stuff you bring.

It might not be necessary for you to bring your whole DVD collection with you, but it’s okay to bring your favorites to choose from for when you have movie nights with your friends.

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