Best Ways to Document Summer Memories

“A picture says a thousand words”. Most millennials choose to document their outings with photographs. With the assortment of technology at your fingertips, you can document in a multitude of ways. From the camera that’s constantly at your fingertips (aka a cellphone) to digital cameras and Polaroids, the medium you use to take your pictures is endless.

In the days of technology, posting on social media is one of the main ways to document your summer memories. Whether you’re going to an amusement park, beach getaway, or a road trip to your favorite eatery, posting it to your favorite social media platform is one of the best and easiest ways to document summer memories. Snapchat and Instagram are probably some of the easiest to document, many of my friends have “summer 19” story highlights on their page.

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Another fun and easy way to document these summer memories is to make a scrapbook. On a rainy or cold day, this is a fun way to kill time. You can print the best pictures you have from all of your trips and make even more memories. Grab a scrapbook from your local craft store, call some friends, and pull out the glitter. This is a way to capture the best of summer while creating even more memories.

A personal favorite of mine is to hang pictures up in your room. Whether you live at home or spend most of your time in the dorms, hanging pictures up on a bulletin board or your mirror is a great way to show off your memories. You can reminisce on the good times during the stress of school.

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Many college students spend their summer at Cedar Point, especially from my hometown. I see pictures constantly on my Instagram or Snapchat from views on top of rides or the typical Snoopy pictures. I also see a lot of people post on their vacations. You spend your summer living your best life, and you want people to know. Whether you take a quick weekend to Michigan to camp, or go to Florida to tan, people want to hear about the fun you’re having (and you want to tell them).

There are many more ways to document your summer, but there is only one way to live your summer. Go out and make your memories, or else you have nothing to document. One of the sayings to live by is “YOLO”. So live your life to the fullest and share it for everyone to know.

About the Writer

My name is Elizabeth Erne and I am a public relations major, starting my freshman year at EMU. In my free time, I am an avid reader and spend my summers working at an ice cream shop and helping with their social media.