Confessions of an Art Minor

So, you’re super creative, and have a knack for artistic talents, like painting, drawing and sculpture, but you don’t want to make that your entire focus at school? Try being an Art minor! This will give you a chance to let out those creative juices with other artsy students like yourself, and to strengthen your talents even more. I am an Apparels, Textiles and Merchandising major, and my ultimate goal is to become a fashion designer, so having an Art minor would really help me in the end. However, many Art minors have completely unrelated majors, like Psychology, Biology and even Math. Being an Art minor gives those who have a passion for the arts a chance, to well, do the arts! Here’s some first-hand Art minor experience for those interested:

  1. Classes are long: So, this sounds bad, but most of the Art classes are 2-3 hours long. Sounds like torture, but you’ll be amazed how much of a piece you get done, and how fast it flies by to make art.
  2. You make friends quickly: Because you’re in class twice a week with the same people for 2-3 hours, you get to know each other quickly. Plus, you’re with fellow artsy people, so you’ll feel at home.
  3. Professors are really cool: I don’t know what it is, but all art professors are super down-to-earth and friendly.
  4. Save up for art supplies: Many art classes require lots of supplies, from pencils to chalk to clay. SAVE UP! Normally, supplies will cost you anywhere from $40-$100 for one class. It’s worth it…you can save all those supplies for your own use.