Dreams To Be A Teacher…

Ever since I was in first grade, I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I have volunteered, worked and taught children for the past 6 years working towards the day that I have my own classroom.

From volunteering three times a week in a first grade classroom to teaching swim lessons every week, I have been in the preparation of becoming a successful teacher. Then I came to EMU, the school founded in 1849 to educate teachers.

This is the first school for this so why wouldn’t I go here? I have never been so happy with my decision to come to a university. I have had so many amazing classes that I know will help me be a better teacher. The thing with the classes that I take is they are for elementary teachers, they will give me lessons and knowledge that I can apply to the classroom.

There are organizations that students can get involved in that are education-related. Make sure that when you are picking your classes you talk to an adviser because they can help you figure out what classes to take and figure out your schedule for your time here at EMU. I hope that one day when I am in my classroom I get the opportunity to have students from Eastern because I know they will have a passion for teaching as much as I do. I will hopefully be finding a job in the next 2 years and changing lives the way that my elementary teachers did years ago.

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