EMU CloseUp Rises Up Against Injustice

Hello everyone! Over the weekend, there were lots of events to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but I wanted to share my experience about performing in my first CloseUp show. It was very emotional because it was my directors’ last show before stepping down from their positions, but also just the nature of how raw and real some of the scenes were made for a very impactful show.

For those who don’t know, CloseUp is a theatre troupe located right here at EMU. Often times, you can see us perform at orientation for the incoming first year students or on MLK Day. We talk a lot about the things other people are afraid to talk about. For this MLK show, we really wanted to do our directors justice by performing the scenes they wrote to the best of our abilities. Some of the topics in our scenes included: hypersensitivity, racism, sexual assault, masculinity, and stereotyping. In the troupe we had a lot of diversity; from the black community, the Muslim community, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrant community. We, the troupe felt that those who were minorities should tell their stories in the most real way possible. A lot of the time, the stories that we were telling on stage were our own and the emotions that we used to deliver those stories were real. In CloseUp, we strive to give our audience a deeper meaning to the scenes so that when they leave, they will feel changed.

My takeaway from this show was just how important it is to speak your truth, no matter how hard it is. It’s important to talk about the difficult subjects and stand up to the injustices you see around you; whether that be here at EMU, your home, or even for a stranger. MLK Day may be one day a year, but we can continue to speak out and rise up against injustice every day.

We had two very successful shows and I’m so proud of my troupe. I wish everyone could have seen this show because I believe it really has the power to move people. For those who saw it, thank you so much. For those who were unable to make it, we hope you join us next time.

About the Writer

Hi! My name is Paige Wendt and I’m a second year student and a communications major. I love musical theatre, reading, baking cupcakes, and dancing. I’m involved with Best Buddies here on campus as well as the CloseUp theatre troupe. Besides the Division of Communications, I also work in event ticketing for the university (in simple terms: selling tickets for plays, sporting events, concerts, etc. that happen).

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