Five Tips For Transfer Students

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You have decided to transfer to a new school. Despite your parents’ advice and what some of your close friends are saying, you desire a change. A part of you is afraid that you’re making the wrong choice. But, you do not have to experience a scary transition if you do not want to. Read along to learn about five tips to make transferring a breeze:

1. Credits, Credits, and Credits

Before matriculating into any university, you must meet with an academic advisor. Be sure that you and your advisor come up with a detailed educational plan. Also, be aware of the credits that you may have from previous schools. Those credits may or may not transfer. This could potentially change the course of your educational career.

2. Get To Know Your Resident Advisor (RA)

If you are a transfer student moving into a residence hall, you should definitely become acquainted with your Resident Advisor. Most college dorms have a Resident Advisor on each floor. Resident Advisors are there to help you transition into your new collegiate environment. Resident Advisors can refer you to campus resources, assist with roommate conflicts, and simply be a confidant in your times of need.

3. Make Friends With Other Transfer Students

There are some things that other students will not understand. Find other transfer students to bond with. They will be able to resonate with your feelings of homesickness and awkwardness. Additionally, they will be able to help support you as you transition into your new college.

4. Join Clubs

Being able to have a group of people that share your interests is an amazing feeling. Student organizations give you something to look forward to outside of schoolwork. It will help you achieve balance between your social life and academic life as well. Go to Eagle Sync and pick a club that you might want to join. Then, attend the organization’s meetings and take it from there.

5. Do Well In School

It’s no secret that transfer students usually are leaving institutions that did not benefit them academically. Whether you are a transfer student with a stellar GPA or in need of a do-over, be sure to do well during your first semester at a new college. This will leave a great impression on your professors and set you up for future academic success.

Being a transfer student is not easy. Once you make the decision to leave one university to attend another, you are taking a giant leap of faith. The best way for you to make the most of your situation is to keep a positive attitude. Also, always keep in mind that things will look up in due time.

About the Writer

Gabrielle Reed is a senior majoring in Communication and double-minoring in Leadership and Women and Gender Studies. She is an Honors College Student and a McNair Scholar. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in the media as well as teaching on the university level. She is a Resident Advisor, a sister in the You Beautiful Black Woman Epsilon Chapter, and she is apart of organizations such as Black Media Association and many others.

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  1. As I read this, it was almost like you knew exactly what I was thinking this past couple of days while settling in here. Great advice and definitely changed my outlook on hopefully meeting some new friends here.

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