Four Campus Resources You Should Know About

Hi there! My name is Josie and I am the graduate assistant for marketing and communications over at Housing and Residence Life. As a college student, I know how frustrating this past year and some months have been. Many resources on campus that help provide support when things feel like they can be too much.  Listed below are just a few out of many!

The University Writing Center is a great resource for undergraduate and graduate students across a multitude of disciplines. Zoom and written consultations are available to help address any questions or concerns you might have about your writing, provide explanations of suggested edits or areas of improvement, and even help provide resources that could be helpful to you as you work on your project. 

If you’re like me and math isn’t your strong suit, the Math Tutoring Center has you covered. With a variety of math courses that tutors can help with (including Calculus II and Intro to Statistics), sessions are available via email, Zoom, and Discord for the summer semester. 

Counseling and Psychological Services – also known as CAPS – offers individual therapy, psychiatric services, and group therapies, and workshops for students and faculty seeking mental health support. CAPS also offers a wide variety of self-care resources to help with many common issues students experience such as anxiety, managing stress, healthy communication, and sleep difficulties. 

Eagle Nutrition Services provides nutrition information and counseling services to help members of the EMU community live healthy lifestyles and accomplish food-related goals. Nutrition consultation packages are available to students, faculty, staff, and members of the Ypsilanti community, as well as additional nutritional therapies to help people live empowered lives.

While these are just four out of many resources available to you, it’s important to remember that you are a valued member of the EMU community and so many people, including myself and everyone at Housing and Residence Life, want you to succeed. 

About the Writer

Josie Bobeck is a second-year graduate student working towards her Master’s in communication and currently serves as the Graduate Assistant for Marketing and Communications with Housing and Residence Life.