Fourth of July Safety Tips

Happy Fourth of July, eagles! For many people, this day is filled with festivities and great food, along with long-lasting memories made with friends and family. Here are some tips on how to stay safe during this holiday.

Be careful with sparklers!

Adults tend to let children play with sparklers, not realizing that they tend to burn at high temperatures. If you have a younger sibling or child, be sure to supervise their actions if they choose to ignite sparklers.

Firework Safety

Buy fireworks with instructions that describe how to safely use them. Keep a big bucket of water around when lighting fireworks. If a firework is not functioning properly, leave it alone! Trying to ignite a messed up firework is very dangerous. After some time, pour water on a malfunctioning firework. ALWAYS light fireworks away from people and cover all fireworks with water before discarding them to avoid fires.

Pet Safety

Do NOT let your pet(s) outside while fireworks are being used. Many pets are terrified of the loud sounds and are likely to react negatively. The safest place for them is inside of your home and away from the noise. If your pet does happen to escape your home, please be sure to have an ID tag with your name and phone number so they can be found.

Be Courteous

Please be mindful that fireworks are not fun for everyone. Loud booms, pops, and snaps can be triggering for veterans, pets, and others. If you can, try using fireworks that are not excessively loud. Be careful about when you are lighting fireworks (hopefully not after 11:45pm). Stay safe eagles, I hope these tips have helped!

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Hello! My name is Dominick Brooks and I am a junior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. I truly enjoy working for the Division of Communications as a Go Social Team Member. When I am not working, I take pleasure in singing and performing on trumpet. I am the lead male vocalist for the EMU Jazz Ensemble and perform at venues in Ypsilanti, Detroit, Belleville, and Ann Arbor.

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