Funny Memories of EMU

I was an RA on the 3rd floor of Downing Hall. I will never forget the day I was talking to my mom on the phone as I was looking out the window. Then all of a sudden I say to my mom, “Mom you will never guess what I am looking at right now”. Of course she said, “What”. I continued, “Well, a naked woman riding down the street on a horse with all these guys barechested with just ties around their necks!” Her reply was so funny, “And this is what I am paying $18,000 a year for? These were the days of streaking.

Another story…the best. I was in charge of locking up the dorm one night and the campus cops always came at 11 to lock the door. Rumor had it that the guys from 4th floor Buell were going to run thru the lobby naked at 11. So I mentioned this to the cop and he said, “Lets have some fun, I am going to lock that back door a few min early. So I went up and told the girls to get their cameras and put on a robe and come down to the lobby. Well a few min before 11 about 10 guy run in the front and head to that back door. They had stockings on their faces, some with snow face hats and they hit that door, fell down and tumbled all over eachother and the flashes were going off!! I never did see any of the pictures but it was a priceless moment. The cop then opened the door and they fled soooo fast!  It was so funny we were all crying!!

Joanie Reisfeld, Class of ‘76