Help Your Resume Stick Out

In a sea of applications that are on your future employer’s desk, how will you stand out? What experience do you hope to gain in college in order to assure that your resume doesn’t look like all the others? How do you plan to elevate yourself from the crowd? Have no clue? Well, I’ve got a solution for you.


As a member of the Honor’s College, there are many opportunities to take advantage of:

  1. Smaller class sizes: Honors courses offer smaller class sizes which means more faculty student interaction. Afraid to speak up in a lecture hall of 200? Try a classroom of about 20.
  2. Scholarships: As a member of the Honors College, scholarships, fellowships and grants open up for you. McNair Scholar, anyone?
  3. Undergraduate Research: Ever wanted to know how mitosis affects the reproductive system of the hagfish? Well, neither have I. But any question you have in your field of study can be explored and researched … by you!
  4. Faculty/Student relationships: Students work closely with faculty members to conduct research and complete honors projects, forming lasting relationships that will benefit both the student and faculty members.
  5. It. Looks. GOOD!: Not only does graduating with honors look great on your resume, the golden tassel that will adorn your cap looks pretty nice too.