How to Finish Your Semester Strong

The community I have chosen to be a part of and be vulnerable with, University Christian Fellowship

We are officially half way through the winter 2020 semester! With every new year, it’s very common for us to make a New Year’s Resolution. In general, I don’t witness many people sticking to their resolutions or goals. It’s especially hard as a student to stay motivated when so much change is coming at you in all directions, not even counting the classwork that sneaks up on you with the new semester.

This year, I am going to look forward to different things that I am setting out only to succeed at. If we do it as a goal, then we are almost allowing ourselves to have something to fail at. For the rest of this school year, I am looking forward to a few things.

This year, I am going to stay motivated. Don’t let one bad day take over my mindset in everything I have already worked for.

This year, I am going to pick up shifts when I can. If you have the opportunity to make money, do it. We don’t need to always be the broke college students.

This year, I am not going to sleep all day. Rest when needed, but don’t hold yourself back from what could be a great day.

This year, I will work on assignments as they get assigned. We are at this university to get a degree. Actively work towards your future and it will pay off.

This year, I will not procrastinate. Life as a college student is stressful enough, no need to stress about one assignment double time because you are doing it in the last minute.

This year, I will be active in my student organization. Did you get involved last semester? Were you actively working to do more in your student org? If not, be present and share your voice.

This year, I will not rely on anyone else to make me happy. Sometimes we give too much responsibility over our happiness to people who don’t deserve it and will never satisfy. I encourage you to be responsible for your own happiness because you can’t be disappointed by people any longer.

This year, I will focus on my mental health. It’s okay to put yourself first, but we have this stigma that it’s selfish when it is in fact not.

This year, I will be active in class discussions. Be present and let others see what you have to offer.

This year, I look forward to being a better person. We can always do more to improve ourselves and this year let’s do that together.

Whether your goal is to finish the semester strong or have a better year in general, you can do it. The main thing to remember is that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to. If I can ask one thing of my fellow eagles, don’t let a bump in the road throw you off course because you deserve better.

About the Writer

Shayla Parham is a first-year student at Eastern majoring in Public Relations. She works as a desk assistant at the Leadership and Counseling Office as well as being a team member of the Go Social Media Team. Shayla is a member of Optimize Eastern and University Christian Fellowship. Shayla enjoys music of all genres and quality time with her friends.