How to Have a Successful Finals Week at EMU

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Hi all! It’s easy to get stressed out with finals coming up, so I wanted to share some tips on how to be successful during finals week!

An important thing is to not procrastinate and to attend all of the classes leading up to the exam. It’s better to study in blocks of time rather than one late night cramming session before the exam. Some other helpful ways to study are to rewrite notes, use flash cards to test your memory, and to quiz yourself or have someone else quiz you. Another tip is to create a music playlist with songs to help you study! I have one with classical music because it makes for nice background noise and isn’t too distracting. Probably the most important thing is to do is to get enough sleep! Your brain uses sleep to process and retain information, so by going to bed at a reasonable time, you won’t have that brain fart on a question in the middle of the test.

When you feel like you’re not really paying attention to what you’re studying anymore, take a break. Taking a walk, playing on your phone, and watching a YouTube video a few activities that I enjoy between studying.

Depending on where you study, sometimes it’s good to switch up your study spot too. If I’m studying in my dorm for too long, I start to not study at all. Usually, I’ll go to the library or the student center and then resume my work there. The Halle Library is definitely a great space to study! Each floor has a lot of great places to study and it’ll be nice and quiet so you can concentrate. Personally, I love going to the second floor and sitting by the windows. That way I can get work done, but still have the light coming in from outside.

Finally, make sure you check your exam schedule! Some exams start earlier than normal class time so make sure you show up on the right day at the right time! Set extra alarms, reminders, or write your exam schedule down so you won’t forget it.

Well, I hope you found these study tips helpful! Best of luck to everyone on their finals and have a great winter break! 

About the Writer

Hi! My name is Paige Wendt and I’m a second year student and a communications major. I love musical theatre, reading, baking cupcakes, and dancing. I’m involved with Best Buddies here on campus as well as the CloseUp theatre troupe. Besides the Division of Communications, I also work in event ticketing for the university (in simple terms: selling tickets for plays, sporting events, concerts, etc. that happen).