How To Make the Most out of Winter Recess

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Finally, it’s the time we have been waiting for since winter semester began, right? WINTER BREAK! I’m no travel agent, but I am a college student and I know how to have fun. Being a college student means I am just as broke, if not a little more. Also, knowing how to have fun means that I love being out and about exploring new things.

The key to an amazing winter break is having supportive friends and family surrounding you. That’s the key to a good time at any time because you need to laugh and give your mind a break. Good family and friends have innate nature to make sure the people they surround themselves with are having a great time.

The next step to having a successful winter break is to get out of the house and explore something. Dig deeper into something you enjoy doing. Take a road trip somewhere. The road trip doesn’t have to be the whole week you are out, it could be an extended weekend. If you are driving, make sure everyone who’s riding has gas money. If you are riding, make sure you have gas money.

Airbnb’s are the new wave. Most times, they are really good prices and they are really nice and clean. Also, customer service is very helpful and responsive. The prices jump really high around holidays and if a special event is going on around the city. In that case, make sure you book as early as possible. If not, try to book really late because sometimes they have “last minute” prices. Hotels are always a safe bet when traveling to unknown areas. Look at multiple sites, and compare prices before booking.

If all fails because you are not financially stable, I suggest working and saving any extra money during the break to put towards another break. Keep in mind that a break could be as short as an extended weekend or as long as two months. Seize every break because most professions have no such thing. Look at places you would like to experience and do research on prices to travel, stay, and function (eating, shopping, and transportation). Start a group message with people you’d like to spend your breaks with.

Last but not least, be open minded when dealing with other people. The more people you travel or spend time with, the more flexible and open minded you should be. Be optimistic and positive about every situation.

About the Writer

My name is Sydney Bierria. I am a transfer student (in my junior year) here at EMU. My major is communication and I plan to build an empire as a TV personality. Besides the GoSocial Street Team, I am not in any other organizations, although I should add that I am interested in the Black Media Association, and other social organizations that promote loyalty, friendship and growth!