Kick ‘Freshman Fifteen’ Butt!

Freshman Fifteen kicking your butt? Kick it back with these top five tips!

  1. Ask for no oil: Most people don’t even notice the oil put into their pan before they get pasta or stir fry. By simply asking for no oil, you can save as many as much as 300 calories and up to 30 grams of fat!
  2. Try eating an apple a day: Apples are a filling snack for 100 calories or less. They have a high water concentration, fiber and can help prevent loads of diseases and cancers! Apples are available in almost every eating commons on campus!
  3. Skip the pop: A single pop can at a meal can add 250 calories and close to 70 grams of sugar. It is recommended that we have approximately 40 grams of sugar per day. A pop with lunch and dinner adds 500 calories and nearly 100 grams of sugar over the recommended intake. Try switching a glass of water for one pop a day and work out pop all together!
  4. Drink water: I know the last one pushed for this as well but most people don’t realize how much water they actually need to drink. Multiply your weight in pounds by .5 and that’s how much water you have to drink every day. To make drinking water a little more fun, treat yourself to a fancy new water bottle!
  5. Watch your dressing: Many people think that by eating a salad they are automatically eating healthy. Yes, there are many health benefits but some people add enough dressing to make their salad have as many calories as the meal they really wanted would have been. Start by simply adding less dressing and shaking your salad to spread it all around or try low-fat or fat-free dressings.

How are you working to prevent gaining unhealthy weight in college? Mix proper diet and exercise together and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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