My Favorite EMU Memory

One of my favorite memories was when I worked for the Office of Campus Life as Entertainment Coordinator in 1994-1995. I was surrounded by great Program Coordinators and exciting co-workers. The memories I had in booking comedian Bill Cosby for our Spring Concert will last forever. I didn’t tell anyone (except my suitemate) but I had prematurely booked him without approval. The school favored a musical performers so I was asked to submit a few recording artists for them to consider instead of a comedian. I freaked out! Eventually, we moved forward with the show. Thank God. I had the contract and pretended it was in the mail. I swear I aged by 10 years and the concert was great. My ultimate joy was meeting Mr. Cosby. Our conversation was enlightening and it is a memory I’ll never forget. He gave me some great words of wisdom that I continue to practice today. Some of the things he told me didn’t make sense at the time (I was in my early 20’s) but as I’ve progressed in my career, everything he said came full circle. I would love to relive that moment again… I have a few more questions!

Karmiko Burton, Class of ’95