My Favorite EMU Memory

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Let’s go back to 1980. It has to be remembering how stressful and ENJOYABLE it was completing Business Policy 490 with Dr. Crowner. Why is it so memorable, 3 reasons: 1) Anyone who had the good professor remembers his RED PENCIL with the term “WHY” written all over your 30 page paper when your explanation didn’t quite cut it and 2) Knowing darn well you had to pass the class in order to graduate and 3) Feeling like a genius thinking you could conquer the world after successfully completing his course. By the way, I received a C- and was one of 16 out of 40 who completed the course. I still felt like a genius (can you tell I’m bragging about my C-?) and still use, to this day, what I was required to learn in his class. I still have my original (Red Pencil and all) Waverly Pharmacy paper in order to remember How It Was. You have to love the guy; thank you Dr. Crowner!

Bob Minasian, BBA – 1980