My Favorite Event on Campus

International Students Orientation.
That’s when I come across hundreds of new students from various and diverse cultures, traditions, countries and continents. The blend of the multi & diverse cultures could be seen in this events. Me, being a people’s person i love to work with people assisting them in various ways. Orientation has provided me the opportunity to work with many international students.

I also happened to make good friends from it. I came across a person called Colleen Russell from Canada during the orientation. She was a 7ft tall basket ball player for Eastern. Since being a international student I learned so much about the Canadian culture and food in particular. We continued to meet several times later going out and having fun. I also became a part of a student organization on campus through her. Now she happens to be one of my good friends on campus.

And since then I have been very active in all of the International Students Orientatio

ns. And I must say I love each and every moment of it especially
assisting them working at the office of International Students

Jeeva Ratnam Pakerla
Program: Master of Science(Management Information Systems)
Graduation: April 2010