NVRCH Music Festival

Rapper Lil Baby headlined inaugural NVRCH Music Festival in honor of fallen EMU student
Photo courtesy of Jordan Woods, http://www.easternecho.com/article/2019/09/nvrch-music-festival-jayquon-tillman

The Nvrch Music Festival, put on by students, alumni and community members of Ypsilanti and surrounding areas, founded the festival this year in honor of a near heart fallen soldier, Jayquon Tillman, who was called home way to early. The festival occurred on Thursday September 19th, 2019 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. According to the official website, the mission of the music festival is to promote a community or togetherness and to commemorate the lives taken too soon. A portion of profits were put toward a scholarship in the name of the late Mr. Tillman, and might I say, that will be a nice scholarship for whoever is fortunate enough to acquire it. I was lucky enough to attend the very first Nvrch Music Fest, and also see Lil Baby, a famous rapper from ATL, perform at our very own Convocation Center, along with a host of other performers that hit the stage that night.

The festival consisted of two parts, a day and night if you will and was open to the public. The day party was FREE! How lit is that? Free music and good vibes, can you beat it? The daytime lineup was an array of upcoming artists. Yung Boi Rob, Rich Lee, Asaka and Jon Flay are just a few of the many artists of whom I had the pleasure to see and hear for the first time. You can find all of those names on Instagram and YouTube. Go check out what you missed.

At sundown, the party moved inside. I guess you could call this the main stage. To keep the promise of dedication to Jayquon and the scholarship fund, the arena tickets ranged from 25-50 dollars. Props to keeping those prices minimal because after all, we are still college students. Mark my words when I tell you that the setup was live! The special effects were on point!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get behind the stage to get the 411 but from the outside looking in, I’d say the team had done this before. Some names that blessed the stage include Miss Rockey Badd, ASDR, Polo Frost, and of course Lil Baby! Locals jammed out to all of the above, having the time of our lives! Good vibes and peace overfilled the arena, and there was nothing but smiles and laughs throughout the entire day. The DJ and the performers were off the chain. Lil Baby performed a few of my personal favorites like “Close Friends” and “Southside.”

I hope this is the first of many Nvrch Music Festivals, and the featured artists grow and continue to follow their dreams. The Nvrch Music Festival was a creative and impactful way to promote peace and unity throughout all communities. One day, this festival will be recognized nationally and up there with the greats like Coachella and Rolling Loud. Stay tuned for the come up, that you can witness first hand.

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My name is Sydney Bierria. I am a transfer student (in my junior year) here at EMU. My major is communication and I plan to build an empire as a TV personality. Besides the GoSocial Street Team, I am not in any other organizations, although I should add that I am interested in the Black Media Association, and other social organizations that promote loyalty, friendship and growth!