The Benefit Of Career Coaching at EMU

By: Logann Dolan, Career Coach at Eastern Michigan University

Attending any college or university is a major investment. The time, money, and energy that goes into completing a college degree is certainly not to be taken lightly. Despite knowing this logically, many students still arrive on campuses all over the country without a clear vision for where they’re going. 

Student with adviser

While it’s unrealistic to expect students to know exactly what their career plans will be, it’s important for them to have an idea of where they’re headed and how their education will get them there–AKA, their “return on investment”. It’s all about having the peace of mind in knowing that their efforts in the classroom will be rewarded in a fruitful career that aligns with their longer-term goals. 

At Eastern Michigan University, the Career Coaches within the University Advising and Career Development Center help students gain clarity on career goals week in and week out. Extensively trained and certified in career development theory and practice, the Career Coaches at EMU understand what factors go into making well-informed career decisions and utilize some of the best tools and resources available. 

In meeting with a Career Coach, students can expect to gain considerable insight on their unique interests, strengths, values, and personality that will help serve as the compass to career decisions. This expanded self awareness not only helps them identify the right opportunities for them, but can greatly enhance their ability to leverage their unique traits in their job search and when networking with employers. Our Career Coaches can tap into a rich bank of resources that help students find occupational information and learn more about employment trends. 

Interested in setting up an appointment with a Career Coach? It’s easy! You can go to, log in with your EMU email, and click on the “Career Center” tab to set an appointment up with several scheduling options. The Career Coaches offer flexible appointments including early morning to late night appointments Monday-Friday. For prospective students and Alumni, you can call 734-487-0400 or email to set up an appointment.

Also be sure to check out and stream the Career Corner Podcast. The Career Corner Podcast is a virtually streaming resource where the Career Coaches answer common career-related questions and provide insight on numerous topics. Available to stream on all major platforms.