The Cutest Winter Accessories

winter acccessories
Winter brings nothing good to the table, dry skin, brittle hair, and pale bodies. I put on extra layers of clothing, my glasses fog up, and I don’t shave my legs. To bring some extra oomph to the winter blues, I have made a list of accessories that are a must during this season.


Here are my top five:
1) Mitten convertible gloves: I find these so much cuter than gloves. As mittens, they keep your
fingers extra warm. When used as gloves you have the mobility to uses your digits. Versatility is
key when it comes to these mitten-gloves.
2) Ear warmers: In my opinion, ear muffs are ugly and ear warmers are the better looking
choice. Ear warmers keep your tender ears cuddly and warm while avoiding looking like a lumpy
3) Infinity Scarf: I absolutely love the no loose end. Two wraps around is all you need. My
fashionable friend, Andre, swears this is the hottest current trend. He’s a fashion major; I should
trust him, right?
4) Leg warmers: Stylish and functional. Pair some skinny jeans, booties, and cream colored
crochet leg warmers. My calves have never felt warmer.
5) Hand warmers: This isn’t something you can wear but it will come in handy if you forget
your gloves. If you ever have an outdoor activity, I strongly suggest putting one of these in your
pocket. The Chemistry minor in me gets excited over the exothermic reaction that releases the
Follow my tips to stay warm and stylish this winter!