Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

Gaining an undergraduate degree is an amazing accomplishment. Yet, what helps students get jobs is experience. “How do I gain experience?”, you might ask. You gain experience through internships. Though internships are hard to come by, you can secure one-with a great strategy and a positive attitude. Read along to figure out tips to help you get the summer internship of your dreams:

Use on-campus resources

There are so many resources on campus available to assist students in their career developments. Reach out to the University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) in McKenny Hall. They will provide job listings and contact information to employers you are interested in. Also, they can review your resume. (Nowadays, it’s important that an applicant’s resume matches the keyword in the job descriptions). Be the candidate that has an incredible cover letter and resume that tells a story as well as good interviewing skills.

Attend events

If you are not finding the connections you need, then it might mean you need to step outside your comfort zone. Get out to networking events and learn whose doing big things in your industry of choice. Exchanging business cards can lead to an interview, especially if you come across as a genuine, hard working person. Also, go to internship fairs. EMU puts on internship fairs throughout the year. Research the companies beforehand and put your best foot forward.

Utilize organizations and fellowships

Google organizations such as Emma Bowen Foundation, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, and others that are genuinely helping all students obtain top-notch internships. These organizations are great starting points for an internship search.


LinkedIn is an online platform meant to help professionals meet others in their fields. You can easily send a connection request to a job recruiter or someone working at a company you love. Putting yourself on the radar of employers is a step in the right direction. You’ll snag an interview in no time.

Throughout your internship search, do not get discouraged. Lean on the encouragement of family and friends because you will get rejected. But, know that rejection will lead to the perfect opportunity. Good luck on your internship search!

About the Writer

Gabrielle Reed is a senior majoring in Communication and double-minoring in Leadership and Women and Gender Studies. She is an Honors College Student and a McNair Scholar. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in the media as well as teaching on the university level. She is a Resident Advisor, a sister in the You Beautiful Black Woman Epsilon Chapter, and she is apart of organizations such as Black Media Association and many others.