What’s Up With The Rec?

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what is going on with the Rec these days! What’s with all of that construction, anyway?

Well, it turns out EMU’s Rec/IM facility is getting a major facelift! There will be a lot of exciting changes coming with its renovation. In the meantime, students can still access the Rec in its current building until the official move date. The Rec will be closed from Monday, April 29 – Wednesday, May 2 in order to move all of the equipment and get ready to reopen. Wesley Howell, Director of the Rec/IM stated, “The Rec is currently in phase one of the renovation”.

Renovations for the Rec/IM will take place through the summer of 2020.

“The 3rd-5th floors are being worked on, which we expect to be completed in August of 2019. In late April, we will begin phase two. This includes the 1st and 2nd floor. We anticipate this phase to be completed in August of 2020.” He also stressed that the Rec facilities will remain available during this process. Starting May 3, head over to the Warner building and follow the signs to find your destination. You’ll still be able to lift weights, play basketball, and attend classes. Of course the pools will also remain open, but you’ll have to access them from a different route. Another change that’s coming with the reopening of the Rec is the unfortunate closing of the Competitive Edge Pro Shop. For years, the staff at the Pro Shop has been delighted to serve EMU athletes and students with a variety of healthy snacks and lots of protein options. Here is a statement from management at the Rec/IM regarding the Pro Shop closure:

“The Competitive Edge Pro Shop has been honored to serve you for 28 years. Shopping with us has impacted us in many positive ways. Student employees learned skills outside the classroom and all profits were used to support the facility. Throughout this journey, we established great friendships, offered a variety of nutritional options, apparel, and basic necessities. We closed our doors on April 15, 2019. Thank you EMU community. We have loved serving you!”

We’re fortunate at Eastern Michigan University to have such an amazing facility to use! If you’re not sure about how to use the equipment at the Rec or what kind of workout plans are best for you, stop by their front counter today to get some advice and sign up for training sessions. You can also locate their class schedule on their website.

Working out is a great way to stay healthy, make friends, and spend some downtime between classes. The Rec is also open over the summer, just check their website for updated hours of operation. If you’re not currently attending any classes at the Rec, I encourage you to come and check them out. There’s literally something for everyone. 

Starting May 3, the Olds/Robb building entrance will be closed and patrons can access the Rec’s facilities from the Warner Building.

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Hi! I’m Pamela, a senior studying Communication Technology. I’ll be starting the graduate program for Creative Writing this fall. You can usually find me around campus covering events for the Eastern Echo or working at the Rec/IM. I’m passionate about health, music, happiness, reading, wine, and cats.