Why I Chose My Graduate Program

When determining the best graduate program for myself, I applied to ten different Human Resource graduate programs nationwide. I was in search of a well-ranked program that boasted dedicated faculty members along with a supportive yet challenging educational environment.

During my application process, I researched highly ranked Human Resource graduate programs. According to the Princeton Review, Eastern Michigan University was ranked one of the best business schools for years in a row. Unlike other universities, EMU set a higher bar in terms of academics, research, faculty support, class sizes, etc.

After extensive conversations with Dr. Fraya Wagner Marsh, the Head of the Management Department, it was apparent that the MSHROD program at EMU was dedicated to the success of their students. Dr. Fraya Wagner Marsh along with her faculty members provided a great deal of individualized advice and assistance throughout the application process. I was treated like an asset to the university rather than a number!

After almost two years at EMU in the MSHROD program, I have no regrets! The program has be a growing experience both personally and professionally. The MSHROD program has provided me with personalized attention, individualized mentorship opportunities, a plethora of research opportunities, and support for continuing onto a PhD program. Eastern Michigan University’sMSHROD program has made me a success!

Vanessa Ann Claus
Program- Masters of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Development
Graduation date- April 2010